Hot Sauces We Love

If you know anything about us here at Lawrence Technology Services, you know we LOVE spice and hot sauces. At any given time we have at least 10 different hot sauces in our fridge and we use them every day. Since we love these sauces so much, we decided to share our favorites with you so you can try them too.

Check out our Spicy Food YouTube Playlist as well to see some of these sauces and other spicy foods in action. We also do hot food challenges.

If you have suggestions for new sauces or challenges you’d like us to try let us know in the contact form on our Contact Page! Or feel free to send us your favorite sauces!

Hell Fire Detroit

Hellfire Detroit is made in our hometown, yes. But we would love this saucy goodness even if it was made in Dubuque, IA. The flavors start with “that’s pretty mild” and go to “DEAR LORD, WHAT HAVE I DONE!”

Scotty O’Hotty

Here are more sauces made right here in The City on the Straits. Scotty’s smashes together some interesting flavors to produce some great concotions. Beer-Bacon Chipotle anyone?

Bravado Spice Co. Black Garlic Carolina Reaper

This sauce is one of the staples in the shop now. We all LOVE this stuff. A very unique black garlic flavor and it does not disappoint in the heat department. It is really hot without just being about the heat.

Buffalo Wild Wings

You can’t beat B-Dubs for variety. From sweet to zesty to Blazin’, they got us covered…IN SAUCE!

We always have Blazin’, Mango Habanero, and Thai Curry in our fridge.

Burns & McCoy Exhorresco

I can’t pronounce this sauce, and it doesn’t matter because after a few bites I can’t speak anyways. Amazing heat level and great flavor.

This is probably the hottest sauce on this list. We warned you.

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce

You gotta love this stuff for the name alone. Bonus is tastes great too. You won’t regret putting Dirty Dicks sauce in your mouth.

With a sweet, tropical heat this sauce is refreshing and still enjoyably hot.

El Yucateco

We don’t speak much Spanish, but we’re pretty sure El Yucateco means “Sauce from the Mayan Gods.” Also, la biblioteca means library.

Great assortment of sauces with a Mexican spice. The Green Habanero, Caribbean Habanero, and Black Label Habanero are all great.

Gator Hammock

This one may be our favorite. At least one of us has even taken a bottle out of the garbage can to finish it off.

Classic vinegar base with amazing black pepper and other bayou inspired spices.

Secret Aardvark

It’s no secret, this sauce is good. Even though we’ve never eaten aardvark, put this sauce on it and we’d try it.

Algorithms to Live By

The Computer Science of Human Decisions


This sauce is too fancy for us. But we love it anyways. We happened upon it on Oprah’s list of favorite things and were intrigued by black truffle and agave nectar. A truly unique, sweet flavor with mild heat.

Valentina Salsa Picante

If Frank’s Red Hot is a Chevy, this stuff is a Cadillac. A little more complex and sophisticated. Eat this sauce with your pinky up.