Content Ethics

At Lawrence Systems, we stick to an ethical code of conduct for the content we share. It’s important to us that we maintain these throughout our content to ensure that what we are sharing is fair and neutral to the best of our abilities.

The Youtube Channel

We always attempt to have a non-bias viewpoint on all videos we produce. Every video is completely written by Lawrence Systems, and we maintain full editorial control. No company can pay for a preferential review or pay us to produce a video that we would not otherwise create for the channel. We choose to produce videos based on newsworthiness, personal interest, or based on our use of those products. We do communicate with manufacturers of the products & software covered on our channel and ask them to explain behaviors, or comment on product deficiencies so they can share their side of the story. No outside company or individual is given a preview of a video before publication.

Most hardware that we review on our YouTube channel was purchased by Lawrence Systems either for review or as part of a project we are working on. Any hardware or software provided by the manufacturer for us to review is disclosed as such in the video.
Videos containing any sponsored content are implicitly labeled both in the description of the video and verbally within the video itself. It will always be made clear what is being sponsored and the business relationship between the sponsor and Lawrence Systems.
We are a US based company and comply with the laws set forth by the FTC:

Google AdSense Advertisements

The advertisements placed on our YouTube videos are selected by Google’s AdSense platform and we have no input or affiliation with the ads or the companies that produce them.